Step away from the easel…

Untitled.  Oil on panel.  8 x 10.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

There comes a time with a painting when you have to realise – or accept – that you’ve done all you can without stripping it back to the very beginning again, or something equally drastic. That’s where this one has got to, I think. I’m not happy with the faces but know that if I keep fiddling about with them I’ll just make things worse. Draw a line under it and start the next one. Or perhaps just have a cup of tea…

Goldhawk Road – edited

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

Getting closer to the end of the line with this one. Still quite a few areas I need to fix though. Also, this is the first time I’ve really tried to paint people. Not easy at all…

May 21st:  now edited to show a marginally better picture.  Only marginally, as what passes for ‘daylight’ here in Belgium has to be passed through a filter before you’re allowed to see it, that filter being either mist, drizzle, or pouring rain. It’s very like England really! So, not enough light to make the tweaks I’d like to do; must be beer o’clock then.

A little further

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

Got a reasonable amount done to this one today. Now it’s at that awkward halfway point where I’m never quite sure if it’s going to work out or not. I’ll do some more tomorrow and see if I can crack it. Still trying to think of a title as well, maybe ‘Library’!


Untitled.  Oil on panel.  8 x 10.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 8 x 10.

Sketched this one out last night.  Sometimes they just seem to fall into place, and I’ve got a good feeling about this one – so far!  Only a small picture though.  I see this one being worked mostly in cool greys, with the odd highlight to set it off.

Love Vigilantes


Tube train. Oil on canvas panel. 9.5 x 7.

Only a small painting but I found this one hard going.  As ever, there are some aspects of it that I like, and others that I’m not so pleased with.  I really need to start painting bigger again, but am slightly limited with where I am at the moment.

The photo this is painted from was taken on the Central line, if I remember rightly, just before I left London.  I still have lots of material for underground paintings!

East Putney – day 3

East Putney 2. Oils. 9 x 12.

Some you win, and some you lose.  I think I lost this one.

Finished it tonight, not very happy with it, but haven’t been from the outset really to be honest – this one just hasn’t clicked – so don’t intend to spend too much time fussing around with it. Seems little point in wasting time trying to make the best of a bad job.

I fixed the perspective problem – more or less – but it’s still not a great representation.  Never mind.  Onward and upward!

Putney Bridge underground finished

Putney Bridge 2. Oil on canvas. 9 x 12.

As it says, finished.  Not sure how much I like it.  Handrails on the stairs were a pain to do.  Some areas of the green paint have come out very glossy (which makes taking a photo of the painting without glare next to impossible), I’m hoping that will settle out as it dries.  If not then a coat of varnish should level everything out anyway.

Underground and overground

Putney Bridge 2. Oil on canvas. 9 x 12.

Day off work today so managed to get lots of painting done. First one is a work in progress, another in my (slowly) growing series of the London Underground. This is Putney Bridge station. Lots of drawing to get right in this one so I used a grid to plot it all out. And looking at the photo of what I’ve painted, I’ve still managed to get some of the perspective wrong I think.

I’ve also tweaked the steps since taking the photo, the yellow just didn’t look right at all.

The second one was painted when I went out late this afternoon. Eventually found a scene I liked the look of, but may have picked something too complicated – again. Or maybe I just need to still get better at simplifying things – I suspect that’s more likely the problem.  Anyway, it’s of the pond at Barnes Green near where I live. Lots to learn from that one.

Barnes Green. Oil on board. 8 x 10.