Fade to Grey

Untitled.  Oil on panel.  12 x 12.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 12 x 12.

Started a day or two ago.  From a photo taken near the middle of a very sunny day, and so very washed out colours, hence working mostly in greys so far (the warm ochre ground on the panel will be mostly covered once I’ve finished).

Journey’s End

Journey’s End. Oil on canvas. 10 x 12.

Didn’t really feel the need to make any adjustments to this one, so have signed it and got some (hopefully better) photos done in natural light.

The scene itself is the ferry terminal at Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard. I was lucky enough to spend some time there in the summer with my family; got a load of paintings done and took home inspiration for lots more.

What’s in a name

Untitled. Oil on canvas. 10 x 12.

Started this a few weeks ago and was finally in the mood to have another crack at it today. Not a great photo I’m afraid as taken under artificial light and some of the paint is still wet, so there’s some glare. I think it may be finished, or nearly so, but will need to take another look in the cold light of day!

There’s a slightly abstract feel to this one that I quite like.

Menemsha Creek

Menemsha Creek. Oil on canvas panel. 7 x 5.

The only painting I have managed to get done since last weekend. Frustrating. And as well as the lack of time (some would tell me to make the time!), I feel as if I’m having a bout of ‘painter’s block’, assuming there is such a thing.

Nearly there

Untitled. Oils. 12 x 16.




















This one is now close to being finished. Some more to do to the yacht, and I think that will do it. I used a different approach to painting the water, and am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

Slowly but slowly

Untitled. Oils. 12 x 16.






















Have now made a start on the main yacht. It needs some shading on the mast, and perhaps a little more detail – though not too much. I’d like to try and work a splash of colour into it somewhere too.

The water will be brightened up with blues and greys, and that should be the picture more or less finished. I have several others I’m itching to start on, and a week off work, so hope to get a few done (or at least started). Off to a favourite painting haunt for the day tomorrow – back to West Wittering!