Wild West hero

Untitled. Oil on canvas panel. 12 x 16.

Untitled. Oil on canvas panel. 12 x 16.

Some more progress on this one. Quite pleased with how it’s coming along but there are still several areas that need sorting out. The skyholes in the large tree at the right need tidying up, I don’t think the distant trees on the left work as they are, and I’m worried that the green of the meadow looks too uniform – maybe I need to break it up with some splashes of colour. The line of the clouds is too parallel to the slope of the meadow as well, I think.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Shake some action

Untitled. Oil on canvas panel. 12 x 16.

Untitled. Oil on canvas panel. 12 x 16.

A little more done today, managed to get through a ‘crisis of confidence’ stage and now beginning to think I may be able to make something of this one. I can see several things that need fixing – the photos are great for showing up the errors – and don’t much like the support, canvas panels are not my favourite. At least it’s not stretched canvas.

Not a great photo as the paint’s obviously still wet and so there is some glare, but hopefully you can see where this one’s going. Probably won’t get much more, if any, done to this one before next weekend now. C’est la vie.  Or, as they say here in Belgium, ‘that’s life’…

Ellie and Zeus

Ellie and Zeus. 12 x 16. Oils.

This is the project I mentioned a little while ago.  I couldn’t post it then as the painting was to be a wedding present for my new brother- and sister-in-law, and I didn’t want to risk them getting a sneak preview on the off chance that they had a look at the website.  However, they’ve now held their reception and received their gifts, and so the cat’s out of the bag (maybe not exactly the right turn of phrase, but…)

I was in two minds about how much to develop the scenery around them, and finally decided to leave things very simple so as not to detract from the main subjects.