On the telephone

Late evening at Gwithian Beach. Oil on board. 11 x 14.

Late evening at Gwithian Beach. Oil on board. 11 x 14.

Apologies for the poor photo, I’ll try to get a better one soon. Just had a week over in the UK but was very busy with one thing and another, so only managed to get one painting in. This was a plein air grabbed one evening on the Cornish coast just before sundown. I could have included the famous Godrevy lighthouse, which sits just off the headland, but that seemed to be just a little too much ‘fromage’!

Latest plein air work

Penzance Lido and St. Michael’s Mount. Oils. 11 x 14.

We were down in Cornwall at a wedding last weekend and I managed to get down to the seafront for a spot of painting. Hadn’t done any plein air painting for a while, and again seem to have struggled with the values; they often come out far darker than they appear whilst I’m actually painting. I’ve considered  deliberately trying to do the whole piece in a higher key, but then wonder how much range I will have left for the highlights. A tad frustrating.

Taking a photo of this painting is also proving to be somewhat difficult. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something…

The weekly brush

Tin mines at Botallack. Oils. 12 x 8.5.

Squeezed in a little time for some painting this afternoon. Some click, as I mentioned in a previous post, and this one seemed to go reasonably well. I’ll give it a fresh look in the morning and may make the odd tweak here and there, but it’s fairly close to being finished I think.

And so on to the next

Trebah Wedding. Oils. 20 x 16.

A few minor adjustments made, and now finished I think. Needs some drying time now and then it can be varnished, which will even out the finish – it varies a little as I used liquin in some areas, and not in others.

29 July – a slight tweak, I made the heads of the couple smaller, they were out of proportion before; think (hope!) they are about right now…

Green, green and more green

Untitled. Oils. 20 x 16.















If you’ve been looking at this blog from time to time you may remember that I painted this scene before. It was a bit of a struggle first time around as it was done from a (fairly small) photo, so the range of colours visible in the reference was not great. But there is certainly an awful lot of green!

At present that all looks somewhat overwhelming I think. But tomorrow I hope to start adding in some of the blooms on the shrubs – there’s a lot of those too – which should balance things out a bit. We’ll see.

The focal point for this version will most definitely be the footbridge in the left foreground. I’m still not sure whether to leave the distant trees as undefined as they are now, but that decision can wait until most of the rest of the pic has been completed. More to come soon!

Back to Cornwall

Untitled. Oils. 20 x 16.













Been very busy since I got back from the States but finally managed to get the paints out again today. Did another few hours on this commission of Trebah Gardens; reasonable progress so far and I think I will probably leave the top left quarter of the canvas pretty much as it is.

Played about with liquin whilst doing this. Haven’t used it for a long time, I don’t usually bother with any mediums at all. Not sure if I like it or not yet…

Here’s how it looked before today.


Deja vu again

Untitled. Oils. 20 x 16.











I’ve been asked to paint another version of the earlier piece I did on Trebah Gardens; made a start last weekend and managed to spend another hour or two on it this evening. Very early days of course, but at least it’s a start.

I haven’t tried painting the same scene twice before, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out. I won’t be trying to produce a copy of the previous painting, but am hoping they will look at least vaguely similar!