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Untitled work in progress. Oil on canvas. 36 x 24.

Untitled work in progress. Oil on canvas. 36 x 24.

Had a little time today so made a start on the sky and water of this one. There will obviously be quite a lot more done to the water, I’ve just got the dark base colour in; need to add quite a lot of lighter colour to reflect how the sky looks. I may define some of the clouds a little more, otherwise the sky is pretty much done. Now for the tricky bit…


  1. Hi Graham.
    Getting quite excited now that there is paint on the canvas! We did wonder if St G was going to be a bit small, but seeing as the picture is 36 X 24 we are happy it will be right. We know how much thought has gone into this one, and trust your talents. Will the posts of the pictures progress stay on your website? It will be great for dad to look back and see it being done, so to speak. As you are aware, the Thames was awash with vessels of all shapes and sizes on that day. Are you going to add a few ‘general ‘ boats? I don’t know if that would help or hinder the overall effect. Don’t want it to be too busy.
    We have been to Katherine, about 300km south of Darwin this weekend for a wedding. You would really appreciate the colours there. A painters dream I expect!
    Looking forward to seeing the progress. Cheers, Roger.

  2. Hi Roger

    Yes I’ll post all the progress pics on here – I find them useful to look back at myself! There will be a few more small boats following St G and in the background, but I wasn’t planning to put any nearer the front of the painting – I think they would distract. What do you think?

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