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Abineau Trail. Oil on linen panel. 12 x 16.

Abineau Trail. Oil on linen panel. 12 x 16.

Now finished. ¬†A local artist I know, Ian Lettice, saw this picture at its previous stage and suggested that I stop there – I was tempted, because there are many paintings that I’ve ruined by overworking (along with many that I’ve ruined in other ways, I know lots of techniques as far as that’s concerned!)

But in the end I felt the need to add just a little more; the grassy bank to the left of the trail needed to be better defined, I wanted the main fir tree to ‘pop’ out more strongly, and the tiny highlights depicting the local wildflower – Indian Paintbrush – needed to go in. ¬†Hopefully I haven’t overdone any of it…

University Drive


University Drive. Oil on board. 24 x 8.

I think this one is probably finished now. I’ll leave it overnight and see how it feels tomorrow. All being well it will then get signed. Fun to get a bigger painting done again, although I did catch myself reaching for the smaller brushes at the end, mainly to get the cars painted in. Think I have managed to avoid making those too fiddly though.

So, one down – 51 to go!

UPDATE: A couple of minor corrections and now it is finished and signed.

Return to Tempe

Untitled. Oil on board. 24 x 8.

This is a re-working at larger scale of an earlier painting of mine. The original, which you can see here, was 12 x 4 inches. I thought it came out quite nicely for a small painting and it eventually sold at the SOFAP show a few weeks ago.

I’d always planned to repaint this one, and selling the small version has given me the incentive I needed. Sketched it in at the weekend, hoping to get it properly started before the Christmas mayhem gets into full swing! Am looking forward to working on a bigger painting again…

Nearly there

Untitled. Oils. 12 x 16.




















This one is now close to being finished. Some more to do to the yacht, and I think that will do it. I used a different approach to painting the water, and am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

Saturday comes

Hell's Mouth, Cornwall. Oil on panel. 12 x 16.





















Spent another couple of hours on this one today, working on the cliff faces mainly. Next step will be to define the grass a little more, and also add to and sharpen up the foam around the rocks at the base of the cliff. There are also some wildflowers to add in the foreground, although I may leave those out. Will have to see how things look at that stage.

Oh, and by the way – I think that I’ll probably call the train with no name ‘No Trespassing’, unless anyone has a better idea?