Long days, short years

Untitled work in progress. Oil on board. 11 x 14.

Untitled work in progress. Oil on board. 11 x 14.

First time I’ve painted plein air in about a million years. Didn’t quite get it finished, but the light was changing very fast by the time I got to this point. I may go back another evening, or just finish it off at home. There are certainly a few bits that need fixing, but it didn’t go too badly.

SHAPE Library show

Started a solo show today at the SHAPE Library here in Mons, Belgium. It will be on until the end of the month. A special thanks to ‘The Boss’ who was kind enough to hang everything for me whilst I was at work – and did a very fine job of it too! Thanks love 🙂


There are a few more paintings too, in case you were wondering…


End of days

Pool (work in progress). Oil on canvas. 24 x 30 cm.

Pool (work in progress). Oil on canvas. 24 x 30 cm.

Made a start on this one last weekend. I like the abstract feel of it, but am not so keen on the stretched canvas – don’t like the surface much. Guess I shouldn’t have bought a big box of stretched canvasses, that I now feel as if I should use up…

Write her name in the sky

Monument Valley (work in progress). Oil on linen panel. 12 x 16.

Monument Valley (work in progress). Oil on linen panel. 12 x 16.

Initial sketch

Initial sketch

Change of topic today. Kind of a commission for the boss 🙂 Only a small picture as it needs to fit in her suitcase when she flies over to the States in a couple of weeks.  Suppose I’d better get on with it so the paint has a chance to dry and doesn’t wreck all her luggage…


That old, undying sin we shared

Old Contemptibles (or 'Retreat from Mons'. Oil on canvas panel. 20 x 16.

Old Contemptibles (or ‘Retreat from Mons’). Oil on canvas panel. 20 x 16.

I need to paint some more faces – these were very difficult to do. Not just the colours, but the shapes too. Didn’t help that I was painting from a black and white photo of course. The soldiers’ faces do have a little more colour than I’ve been able to capture in my photo, but as you’d imagine they’re still not exactly bursting with life. I wanted to photograph the painting outside in natural light, but I live in Belgium, so it’s raining…

Mad dogs and Englishmen

Avoided the midday sun today – ha!  Unfortunately I was baking away inside the house instead, slaving over a hot easel.  Anyway, here’s the result.  All finished I think, just waiting for the green light now from the nice chap who commissioned it (thanks WL).

Untitled.  Oil on panel.  20 x 10.

Untitled. Oil on panel. 20 x 10.

Feeders Grain

Feeders Grain. Oil on panel. 8 x 12.












The last painting I sold, University Drive, was a follow-on to similar smaller piece, and that seemed to work out quite well, so I thought that I might paint some quick, small studies of pictures that I’m planning for the future.

This is the first one, painted on a Belle Arti gesso panel. I’ve used these once or twice before, and must admit they’re just a little too smooth for my taste. Shame.

Anyway, here’s this one. It’s from a photo I took in Phoenix a little over a year ago. Despite having signed it, I’ve noticed one or two small corrections I’d like to make, so I’ll be making a tweak or two yet. I think it’s probably worth scaling up into a larger painting.

Some more plein air

Kingsmere, Putney Heath. Oil on board. 11 x 14.

Off work today so another chance to get outdoors to paint. It was a misty day on Putney Heath so at least I didn’t have the problem of chasing the light. Got a little discouraged though when, about half an hour into the painting, a chap walked by and shouted from several yards away ‘I’m sorry my friend, but it’s nothing special!’

Meh, everyone’s a critic…

Squibnocket Point, afternoon light

Squibnocket Point, afternoon light. Oils. 8 x 10.

Another plein air from the trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  This one looked good while I was sitting on the beach, less so when I got it home. Ah well…

The sea is probably too dark, and also I suspect it might be good for water-skiing. The aerial perspective isn’t really there either. Colours seem much more intense now than when I was outside painting this.